Life as Photonic Fractal of Body, Mind and Soul

Since ancient times, mankind has felt intuitively that he lives in a spirit realm as well as physical and cognitive realities. Today we may try to explain spirit in terms of electric and magnetic fields but this not is a complete explanation.  In Self-field theory (SFT) the universe is seen as a photonic fractal going from the photon to the universe itself. In this article we suggest that life too can be seen as a (sub) photonic fractal comprising the body, mind and soul. Unlike the universe where the photonic fractal is top-down, here life is seen as down-top; a small 'universe' of structure within the photon.

Ancient animistic rituals show mankind has long considered living beings to be spirit, even natural events such as eclipses and inanimate objects such as the Earth. ‘Good’ spirits induce good weather, full harvests, and happy events such as a healthy birth, and ‘bad’ spirits cause ‘bad luck’, demonic possession, insanity and antisocial behaviour. In the modern era after medicine began searching for enlightenment via the dissection of human and animal corpses a purely utilitarian view of life emerged.

While spirituality is rarely considered by modern science due to the schism between physics and metaphysics, whenever it is the context is from within the current world view of science. Over the 20th century this included the theory of evolution snd quantum theory. As discussed in other blogs these and other associated theories can now be seen as incomplete. Cosmological evolution occurred in layers of fields and particles; each forming a layered structure beginning with the Big Bang and expanding outwards ever since. Life on Earth has been evolving for ca. 4 By, one third the age of the Universe (13.7 By). Biological evolution like cosmological evolution appears to have evolved in layers. The human body and life in general are layered.

According to self-field theory (SFT) biological structures depend on solar system or galactic gravitational forces and other longer-acting forces. The known gravitational domains are mirrored by structures within human tissues, anatomy, physiology and neurology where humans live in both physical and cognitive realities, and maybe other domains beyond. In science first approximations are often associated with series where N=1. Physics and biophysics are fractal-like series from photon to Universe where N=1,2,3.... .

The fields in SFT support the balance of masses at the next level up; this is an infinite double -sided series (infinitely small to infinitely large). Atheism may be seen as belief in life as a truncated series; defining the photon as having zero mass is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater; this is exactly what quantum field theory asks us to do.  But believers from the earliest humans onwards have seen life as a realm beyond the physical (in modern scientific terms an infinite quantum series); it is only now in the light of SFT that we can see life in its totality as interconnecting fractal domains; i.e. one large fractal going beyond our universe both at the large and small ends of the size domains.